Yoga & Meditation … A lifestyle?

Social media has shown that practising yoga or meditation is more of a trend, but it is a true lifestyle for some of us.

Living in big cities, having stressful jobs or taking care of the family can be a drag. It is proven that finding ‘the balance’ in your life is the key to manage your energy effectively. Yoga might seem boring for many people who do weights or cardio but the reality is that a yoga routine challenges the mind and the body simultaneously.

Being an Asian ancient exercise, yoga is based on strength, flexibility and breathing which helps to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga offers more than 10 different types, the most common ones are Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power and Hot yoga. All of them provide the same effect: to disconnect from everything else and to focus on breathing.


Since I moved to London four years ago, I started developing stress, I would run out of patience very easily, become more greedy and moody until I decided to try  yoga classes. From that moment, I became stronger mentally, I learnt not to react to insignificant situations and the most important, I had my smile back.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but yoga and meditation helps you to build a positive layer around you which you carry everywhere. Unlike other sports or lifestyles, to practise it you don’t have to spend much money. In fact, getting to do Yoga by yourself anywhere it’s a big step.

To get started it is recommended to attend  yoga classes where the instructor can correct your postures. Once you know the routines and your postures are correct then you can jump and do it yourself.

Apart from yoga, meditation plays an important role in our minds. Not only Buddhists meditate, many people do it in their own ways. We should all dedicate 10 to 15 min to make our mind calm and peaceful. When meditating you create an inner space and clarity that allows you to control your mind.

In order to perform meditation successfully you need to complete three steps: purifying negativities, accumulating merit and receiving blessings from holy beings.

I had a recent interview with Jordi Martinez, a Civil engineer working for Crossrail. We discussed how his life has changed thanks to practising Yoga and meditation.

S. What made you start Yoga?

J. “The stressful lifestyle of London made me get into Yoga and meditation. I thought that it would help me to reduce my insomnia and to find the balance between mind and body.”

S. Have you noticed any change within you and your life?

J. “The change is huge and I noticed it from the beginning. My mood improved, I feel better, more friendly and healthy. Stress doesn’t affect me as it used to do, it is like being able to manage any stressful situation from a different perspective so you can control it. It is a matter of becoming more practical.”

S. When you meditate, how long do you do it for?

J. “I started meditating for 5-10 minutes per day first thing in the morning on the train to work, then I went to classes where you get to meditate twice for 20 minutes each time within one hour. It is a good way to get started as they give you advice and guide you throughout the class. I still do that once per week and I also meditate on my own no matter where; trains, buses, planes or whenever I want to disconnect from the world.”

There are genuinely no excuses not to give a try to this healthy, peaceful and affordable lifestyle. Once you get involved you won’t be affected by people’s jealousy, negativity and bad will.

Life is too short to worry about negativity, let only positive vibes approach you.


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